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Digitalize Manage Store your paper archives with one click

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Digitalise your archive and access it wherever and whenever you want with one click!

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Safely store your paper archives at our facilites and save on running costs!

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Advanced solutions for regulation-compliant storage of any type of document.


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Dedicated solutions to support your business

Whether it’s digital transformation or paper-based archive management, we provide the best technologies to offer tailor-made solutions.

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Using the most modern technology we provide our customers with the conversion of their physical archive into digital archive, immediately available via web everywhere in the world.

Physical preparation of the document (elimination of folds, removal of metal stitches, etc.)

Scanning a paper document and converting it to a digital document.

Indexing document-association of images to its search keys on management software.

Web consultation – the converted image is available on the Sky Star web-portal.

Digital Transformation and Document Dematerialization; we provide efficient solutions to improve outsourcing in retaining and preserving your document as per Law. In cooperation with our partners, AGID certified, we are able to meet all legal requirements:

Project Consulting (Start-up Activities and Regulatory Adjustments)
Assumption of the role and responsability in Conservation
Legal Conservation Process
PA and B2B bills
PEC Probatory Consolidation
Certification tools (digital signatures, time marking)

The Standard Electronic Conservation System allows us to process any type of document:

Administrative, tax-related work documents such as invoices (both electronic and non-active), newspaper books and accounting records, contracts, LUL.
Clinical-medical information files.

We perform the correct documents management for low or high frequency of consultation, creating solutions designed to meet the customer’s needs.

We provide our customers with document collection and delivery services also in case of urgent request.
Issue of waste lists, waste disposal reducing maintenance cost.

Document storage boxes and dustproof folders
 Document Preservation and custody
Indexing, Cataloguing and Traceability
Collection/delivery services
 Disposal certified by issuing waste forms

Through the analysis of document types, volumes, personnel involved, and regulatory elements we provide our Customers with records management Consultancy.

Archive Analysis and design services.
Archive classification.
Archive transfers.
Development of customized software.
Hardware supply.

Sending SMS and e-mail to own associates/customers represents a useful form of marketing and retention.

SMS for deadline medical and personal promotional informations.
Newsletter managing.
Email Marketing.
Serigraphy Personal Card Supply.

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Smart Document Management

Supporting all stages of document life: document archiving, dematerialisation processes, information capture and digital preservation.


We analyze the needs of the customer developing the most suitable solutions.


Our services fit into the client’s document management system.


We meet the needs of large and small organizations.


The archive management is carried out in compliance with legal and safety standards.

Smart Document Management

Supporting all stages of document life: document archiving, dematerialisation processes, information capture and digital preservation.


We analyze the needs of the customer developing the most suitable solutions.


We meet the needs of large and small organizations.


Our services fit into the client’s document management system.


The archive management is carried out in compliance with legal and safety standards.


Certificazione DQS
ISO 9001

Our projects

cartella clinica

Archives digitalisation for the health sector

In order to manage their document flow in a more efficient and streamlined way, one of the most important groups of healthcare facilities with various locations in Rome decided to rely on our dedicated team to meet their digitalisation needs.

With a management and digitisation programme, our team was able to find the right solutions to offer digitalisation, remote consultation and regulation-compliant storage of patient, hospital and outpatient records.

Our roles within the project are as follows:

  • Weekly collection of original documents.
  • Optical scanning of originals and cataloguing of medical records.
  • Provision of data and images, including diagnostics, to the various operators in the facilities and to the Health Directorate within certain, agreed timescales.
  • Service of sending certified copies of records to patients.
  • Development of an online tool with a certified encryption protocol compliant with GDPR 206/679 for consulting medical records.
  • Collection and uploading of medical record updates.
  • Preservation of paper originals in accordance with regulations.

Document management for research institutes

One of the most important international research institutes based in Rome also felt the need to call on our expertise for the normalisation of the institute’s entire archives, digitalisation and document storage.

In order to meet the client’s needs and for the correct execution of the service we developed and offered the following solutions:


  • Project consulting. 
  • Entry permits for restricted traffic areas and associated parking spaces.
  • Collection of the social and administrative archives from the customer’s premises.
  • Digitalisation of the archive.
  • Periodic retrieval of updates.
  • Preservation of originals.
  • Obsolescence management.
Gestione documentale assicurazioni

Digitalisation and document management for insurance

Sky Star performs digitalisation and document management services for a national and international insurance management and consulting broker.

Based on the following needs:

  • reorganise the archive of policies and administrative files
  • physically store paper documents in compliant premises
  • have a centralised archive
  • Possibility of fast and shared consultation of documents

The Sky Star team has developed these solutions:

  • Physical archive for the storage of paper originals
  • Digitalisation of policies with optical acquisition
  • Computerised management of administrative documents
  • Cloud-based WEB portal to consult and request documents
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Scheduled disposal of obsolete documentation
Gestione documentale linee aeree

Archive management for airlines

One of the most important international airlines based at Rome Fiumicino airport has chosen SkyStar Services to manage its corporate, administrative, revenue and technical archives. Archive management in the aviation sector requires a wide range of skills and certifications in order to be able to respond with quality to the needs of a very complex sector.

Our roles within the project were as follows:

  • Periodic withdrawals of documentation from the various client offices, located within the airport grounds, including in the sterile area of the terminal.
  • Digitalisation and cataloguing of the entire paper archive.
  • Dedicated online archive consultation service.
  • Distribution of images of technical documentation to operators.
  • Preservation of originals in controlled environment.
  • Management of obsolescence.

Sky Star Services for the real estate sector

A major real estate group based in Rome entrusted our team with the management of their property archives, facilitating digitisation and document management processes.

Our team developed the following solutions:

  • Project consulting and drafting of archive management instructions.
  • Reorganisation at the client’s premises of the documentation in accordance with the instructions.
  • Collection of originals, digitalisation and indexing.
  • Development of online platform dedicated to the client for consultation.
  • Management of updates to the administrative and technical documentation of each property.
Immagine Associazione di cateoria

Asset inventory for trade association

A national trade association relied on our experience and assigned us the task of carrying out an inventory of all the assets in their headquarters.

In order to meet the client’s needs and to correctly execute the service on more than 10,000 assets, SkyStar Services developed and offered the following solutions: 

  • Inventory planning with shared operating procedure and customized classification. 
  • Apposition of anti-burglary barcode labels affixed on every single asset.
  • Database processing with description for each single asset, also with images for strategic assets.
  • Production of definitive data layout to be delivered to the customer for accounting operations.
  • Providing WEB based software for consultation, research and photo viewing.

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